From the foundation of our company, the diagnosis has been free - our rule will not be changed. The cost is indicated in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH).

Recover in cases with damaged filesystems or RAID

FAT32, NTFS file systemsfrom 1200
Other file systems (ExFAT, HFS+, APFS, Ext2, Ext3, UFS etc)від 1700
RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5*from N * 1000
RAID 6,50,5E, 5EE, 60, other*from N * 1200

*N is a number of disks, assotiated with the array

Recover from damaged and not working HDD

HDD CapacityIf no need change headstackWith change headstack
251 - 999GB21003150
1000 - 1999GB24003600
2000 - 2999GB27004050
3000 - 3999GB30004500
≥ 4TB35005250

If drive has interface SAS/SCSI/FC, the cost increases by 2 times.     

Recover from damaged and not working SSD

SSD Capacity
65 - 128GB4000
129 - 256GB5000
257 - 512GB6000
≥ 512GB8000

If drive has interface SAS/SCSI/FC, the cost increases by 2 times.     

Recover from other faultly devices

Flash devices with logical damagesfrom 1000
(USB, SD, MS, CF...) Flash devices with electronic parts damagefrom 1200
(USB, SD, MS, CF...) Flash devices, if need read NAND chipsfrom 1800
(USB, SD, MS, uSD...) Flash monolythic devices, if need micro-solderfrom 4200
CD, DVD1400

In the case of urgent recovery, two options are possible:

  1. Work around the clock until the result (including on weekends and holidays), without a queue - the coefficient is 2, but not less than 1000 UAH.
  2. In the presence of the client- the coefficient is 4, but not less than 2000 UAH.


  1. This prices are basic, in the case of additional difficulties in the recovery process, the cost is negotiated separately
  2. We can receive payment by bank transfer. We pay single tax, Group 3
  3. Only the cost of our work is indicated in this price-list, this does not include the cost of additional spare parts, needed for recovery process (donor drives)
  4. If it is necessary to use the donor disk, it is often possible not to prepay it before the order is successfully executed (we are at risk of failure), in this case the cost of the donor disk is included in the cost of works with a coefficient of 1.5
  5. In some cases with recovering data from monolithic Flash-drives, prepayment of preparatory work is required
  6. FREE storage of recovered data up to 1 month
  7. If necessary, for payment we can store the data longer.
  8. Diagnosing faulty RAID arrays is sometimes difficult and long, especially if the administrator working with the array performed potentially destructive operations (rebuilding, initialization, rearrangement of drives in some places). In such cases, diagnostics can be paid, and the cost depends on the amount of time spent working with the array

If you have any questions about the cost of work in a particular case - call or email us, we will clarify