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We will recover data in almost any difficult situation. Most often, external drives get into our work. A common problem is that the drive is not detected, clicks, makes unusual sounds. It does not allow viewing the contents of directories. All these symptoms indicate that the drive must be urgently disconnected, and do not try to do anything with it before being examined by a specialist. The condition of such a disk may deteriorate with every turn on, with every minute of operation.

If the memory card in a smartphone or camera suddenly caused an error, it is very likely that either a logical damage to the file system or a more serious hardware malfunction occurred. In any case, our experts are likely to be able to access valuable data stored on the memory card.

Did the RAID controller suddenly write FAILED array status? It's okay, the main thing is not to panic and not to take rash actions like rebuilding an array or rearranging disks in places. This can cause permanent data loss. Call us, we will advise, and tell you how best to do in your case.